Environmental Considerations when Scrapping a Car


One of the reasons why it can be beneficial to scrap your car with an experienced company is because of the strict regulations surrounding the environmental policy. The recycling and disposal of the metals, the car parts including lights, the oil and the other components of a vehicle should meet the standards set out by the Environmental Agency. Continue reading


What to do with my Old Caravan. Scrapping a Caravan or Motorhome

Motorhome for scrap

If it’s time to scrap your caravan or motor-home because it’s rusty, it leaks and therefore is damp and smelly, or has just seen much better days, or what ever the reason for needing to scrap your vehicle, there are right and wrong ways to to do it right!

I would recommend to treat scrapping your caravan or motorhome in the same way you would when scrapping a car most car. Most ATFs (Authorized Treatment Facility) will take your caravan or motorhome and dispose of it correctly, so you can rest assured that it has been scrapped Continue reading


A Beginners Guide to Scrapping your Car

Scrap truck collecting a car

What are your options when you need to dispose of a  Scrap Car because it’s a MOT Failure, Accident Damaged, or Non Runner i.e. it’s a write-off?

There are two main different types of scrapyard (or what these days are called ‘Authorised Treatment Facilities’ (ATF).  The two options you normally have are:

  • The first type of ATF whereby they buy your scrap car and crush your car for the purpose of recycling the metals.
  • The other type is a ATF that takes off the good parts from your vehicle to restock it’s shelves and the parts are then they recycle these parts by selling them to the general public and within the car trade (so they can repair their car).

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