How to Buy Spare Car Parts

Used porsche engine

In the guide below I provide an explanation of the various options open to you if you need to buy replacement parts for your car. Car parts understandably need to be replaced after a certain time and buying parts new can be a very expensive option and is often unnecessary. Re-conditioned parts are much cheaper and are normally guaranteed. So let me tell you the options for buying used car parts: Continue reading


The Benefits of Buying Used Car Parts and What you Need to Know

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When you find that your vehicle is in need of repair, the inevitable decision and choice can be whether or not to buy a brand new replacement part, or whether to purchase a second hand used car part. Apart from the obvious cost implication of buying a part brand new, there are other pros and cons for each choice, so let us look below at the considerations you face.

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5 Car Parts you Might End up needing to Replace

Blower motor

Blower motor part

Depending on how much you know about cars and how interested you are in managing and working on your car as opposed to driving it, will affect your understanding of the parts involved. You get that call after taking your car in for an MOT and are told that your blower motor part needs replacing and you might wonder what on earth the mechanic is on about. Continue reading


Tips and Advice on Buying a Used or Second Hand Part Online

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If you are looking to repair your car, van or even a salvage auction car or van, buying a quality guaranteed used¬† part makes economic sense to repair it.¬† Ordering online is easy, quick and convenient saving you time and money (if it’s done correctly). The part is delivered to your door usually the next day and you can save up to 75% of the cost on what a brand new part would otherwise set you back.

Ordering the correct part

Weather you buy a new or used part, it is a well known fact in the motor industry that it can be difficult to get the correct part, because of upgrades or face lifts to a model in it’s length of production. The only way you can be sure of receiving the correct part is to match up the part number which can be found on the part you are looking to replace. Ever part has a part number on it and using this part number when ordering the part you require will ensures you receive the correct part. Continue reading